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I love living just blocks from the beautiful shores of Lake Michigan, in WI. I am a wife to Greg(for 49 yrs in 2021), mother to Heather and Amber (love my girls), Gamma to LJ, daughter to Marion (deceased in 2012 at 88 y/o, lived a life glorifying the Lord), sister to Paul and Samantha, aunt to Paula, Shelley (and fam) and Jeremy (and fam), Tuffy, the parakeet (2021) and most of all...a child of God, saved by grace through Christ Jesus. Life is a gift! Eternal life, a BLESSING!!!

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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Quickie Card Today...off to Sue Chaney tomorrow. :-)

I'm going to actually try to be good about mailing cards and thinking of others more than I have.  It's wonderful having time off to heal my foot.  I could learn to love this. 

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Recipe Box

Just a great blank cardboard recipe box with added paper, ink, stamping and embellishments. 

Friday, October 28, 2011

Cards from a Weekend at Sara's...my card inspiration person.

This box is a Sara creation...it's gorgeous!!

These are a couple of cards, ok...most of the cards I did this
past weekend.  Sara, and other women that show up on her
weekends, are great inspiration.  I could use a MORE weekends
with this group!!  Again and again!!


Saturday, October 15, 2011

Who Will Ripen First???

Whisper sure found her place for a sunny Fall day...so did some of the final tomatoes.  I love the feel of Fall though I don't like the fact that winter is just behind.  Soon I'll be having foot surgery and I'll be able to stay home and get caught up on FUN TIME!!  I might have to make Whisper move over! hehe

Thursday, October 6, 2011

My Dream Car

Ok...NOT my car, nor my Camero jacket, BUT I do thank my buddy, Dave Beyer, for stopping over with his (my perfect dream car) ONE OF ONLY 5 convertable Cameros of this limited edition made...and only one in this great shade of gold metallic orange...way nicer in person.  Be still my heart! lol  This was my day's highlight!!  Thanks Dave! (as if he'll ever read this...hahaha)

Busy day...

Ok...I worked yesterday and over night...came home around 10am and found out the guy doing our kitchen flooring is able to come on MONDAY!!!  YIKES!!!  Holy gotta move stuff!!!  AND my computers were acting up...ugh...annoying to say the least.  After most of the day I finally got my desk top computer and printer working again...but not internet on my laptop now.  Sheesh.  That's for another day, I guess.  Then a friend stopped over with my dream car.  oooh baby it's really a dream...maybe I'll post a pic on here...hmmm...anyway, the company took me away from preparing for the kids group at church I work with tonight so that was a rush job.  Then home to plan for the library stamp camp...and here is the ONE card (for Dec) I managed to complete.  More to come.  whew...did I mention I work tomorrow...and Sunday...and Monday...and..............................................

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Stamp Studio Fun Room!!

Well...now I say...LET THE FUN BEGIN!!!  Don't forget to come over and play now, B. :-)  Still need to rearrange drawers and containers but it's workable now.  YAY!!  Hugs to all!!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Cropping at Lake Ellen Retreat in Crystal Falls, MI 10/01/2011

A beautiful weekend!!!

Just a few of us...HA...with very little stuff...again, HA

Yes...I did make some scrapbook pages...

and a card. lol  Gonna add more...maybeeeee