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I love living just blocks from the beautiful shores of Lake Michigan, in WI. I am a wife to Greg(for 49 yrs in 2021), mother to Heather and Amber (love my girls), Gamma to LJ, daughter to Marion (deceased in 2012 at 88 y/o, lived a life glorifying the Lord), sister to Paul and Samantha, aunt to Paula, Shelley (and fam) and Jeremy (and fam), Tuffy, the parakeet (2021) and most of all...a child of God, saved by grace through Christ Jesus. Life is a gift! Eternal life, a BLESSING!!!

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(scroll down for earlier dates)

Waiting for my lobster!!



A day at Blue Springs to watch the Manatees.
Gerri Morgan...my travelin' buddy!

The Christmas Lights of St. Augustine!

A ghost walk in Charleston, SC on our
way to FL.

Muskovy Duck in our motel parking lot
in Charleston, SC...looks like a 
TurDuckey or a Chiducken. lol


(scroll down for earlier dates)

Mar. 8th - 19th

Tide OUT!  (looking north)

Tide IN! WAY IN!  (looking south)

I put this little guy back.

A VERY tiny crab, maybe an inch in size.

My view from my tummy...ahhhh

Naturally Key Lime Pie!! It was YUMMY!
Very tart! m m m

 No...NOT me!

IF you peek through the leaves you
may just make out the HUGE cross.

This is the Father Lopez statue
in front of the Great Cross (208ft)
at Mission Nombre de Dios and
Shrine of Our Lady of La Leche

 The Great Cross

Gerri Morgan :-)

One of the lions at the Bridge of Lions

Flagler College (under MAJOR renovations)

 The college's cafeteria...WOWSER!
Note the stained glass windows!

 An original Edison clock, made by him.
He made all HIS clocks NOT using the
Roman numeral IV but IIII. Now you know the
rest of the story. hehe  The chandelier is made
of SOLID lead crystals. ALL of it.

Oh yeaaaaah, The Fountain Of Youth...

 Alas, it didn't work...

Yes, white, AND in a tree. They do fly, ya know!

They shoot this cannon on the hour. IT'S LOUD!
Scared me every time!

 A long pier/walk from the F of Y. View is looking
towards the main grounds. The walk goes out into
the marshes.

Mar. 5th

 I tad BREEZY on the beach!

Good night....

Mar. 4th
Greg's sunglasses have appeared in many photos.

Gooooood Morning!!

Fort Mantanzas, just across the street from us...
and across the Mantanzas River.


Mar. 3rd...a bit of St. Augustine, FL

Dale Morgan having issues...

Gerri Morgan having fun...

Hanging out with Gator Bob...

St. Augustine....

Mar. 2nd.

 Our local Gopher Tortoise. They are burrowing guys and his front
legs have some mighty powerful and SHARP nails/claws.

 I threw this pretty starfish back in the ocean
and I hope it lived.

Feb. 21st

This is the ACTUAL color of the sky looking up.


Feb. 11 - 12...cool mornings and windy cool 50s

A beach walk...

A few dead jelly fish rolled in today...

Gerri strolling...

 Our parking spot...ah, home!

Where's Gerri?????

There she is!!!

A day done....ahhhhhh

Feb. 9th...59 - 61 degrees

Didn't do much today, BUT I felt I needed a good walk!

Feb. 8th...78 degrees! OH YEAH!

Gerri and I took a nice ride to Orange City to visit Blue Spring State Park and the Manatees. Funny, I didn't think the spring looked very blue but it certainly did look GREEN! Beautiful!

 Walkway along Blue Spring

Told you it's GREEN!

 Fish getting cozy...

Not swimming here, though you can in certain areas, with warnings!!  Ya think???

Double-crested Cormorant.

 Lovin' the weather!

 You don't want to know...
(that is Gerri!!)

Feb. 7th  59 degrees...wasn't bad at all!

Took a beautiful walk on OUR beach. Heavenly!

Brown Pelican

Pretty shell in the crystal clear water!

Our condo is among those on the left. Perfect location!

Feb. 5th...low 60s

My daughter, Amber, and her friend, Erika, were visiting in the Orlando area and took an afternoon to drive over here and spend some time with me. We did a drive around the St. Augustine area, looking around, then we decided to visit the Ripley's Believe It Or Not museum. It was FUN! and interesting!

Made from car bumpers. GORGEOUS!

Erika trying out the "WIZARD"...remember the movie "Big" with Tom Hanks???

 Amber and me.

Literally "BAD TO THE BONE"

Ok...1400 lbs might be considered over weight...

 Amber interfering with a guy trying to get a
pic of his girl friend...ok, I confess, they are not real!

Amber and Erika

Feb. 1st...day 1 in Florida! 78 degrees!!

The view from our balcony! Yep, I love it!!

The stairs down to the beach...OUR beach! mmmm

 Sun setting behind our condo...yep, I'm standing in the ocean.

Jan. 30th, on our way down to sunny FL, Gerri and I took a side trip to Savannah, GA. It was a great, though, brief visit! Here are some pics from there.

Getting ready for a "Ghost" walk.  Lovely evening for Jan. 30th.
(Gerri is in the white-very ghostly) lol

Note the blue dots..."those are ORBS", according to the "ghost" host. You are suppose to zoom in on them an see a face. Let me just say, I didn't recognize anyone! LOL

Standing outside the historic cemetery, I looked up and saw a very big moon. ooooo


The next day we took a wonderful trolley tour of beautiful Savannah!
AND, I do mean BEA-U-TI-FUL!!

Our host, George, driving us down the Riverside Walk...plenty of cobble stones.

Just a bit of the awesomeness! :-)

City Hall

The Waving Girl statue. 
Click HERE for the interesting story of Florence Martus.


Yep...just for giggles...my 2014 Christmas tree...before, AND after...the tree was gone the day after Christmas. Shortest time my tree has ever been up. Usually I like it up until a week after New Year's day. NOT this year! LOL


July 25th - August 1st was a wonderful time!! I so enjoyed my week stay with the Chaneys at Bear Lake in Lakewood. It's beautiful there and Sue and I LOVE bird watching! There weren't too many different ones this year but I did manage to catch a couple of good photos! God's creations will never cease to A-MAZE me!!

May was a great month for my bird watching!! How I love watching those beautiful creatures...they come and go and how I wish they'd stay!! lol

These are Baltimore and Orchard Orioles!! Wish they were still around!! Hungry little buggers!!


April 22 was a fun day at the bird feeders...I even missed photos of the Cardinals, Cowbirds (yes, I like them too!), Starlings (who cares, HA), and a Brown Creeper. I'm always ready with my camera but they aren't always ready to have their photos taken. hehe

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