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I love living just blocks from the beautiful shores of Lake Michigan, in WI. I am a wife to Greg(for 40 yrs in 2012), mother to Heather and Amber (love my girls), daughter to Marion (deceased in 2012 at 88 y/o, lived a life glorifying the Lord), sister to Paul and Samantha, aunt to Paula, Shelley (and fam) and Jeremy (and fam), owner of Whisper (the cat) and most of all...a child of God, saved by grace through Christ Jesus. Life is a gift! Eternal life, a BLESSING!!!

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Thursday, June 6, 2013

It's Been A While...

Yep, it's been way more than a while...but I guess now that I'm SIXTY, 6 - 0, 60 60 60, I think my energy and brain left on a permanent vacation. Hope the weather there is nicer than here!! 40s...in JUNE??? I think that's got to be a SIN!!! But...anyway, life has been good and time just flies by. We spent a week in KS back in May and enjoyed wonderful weather (yes, we missed all the tornadoes, thank God) with dear friends!! We got to watch Nick Skiles graduate!! He's a WONDERFUL young man! We love that boy!! Now here are a few cards I received for my birthday back in May!! Such a treat!!! Here are a couple that Greg received for his May birthday first... from Gerri Morgan... from Sue Chaney... Sue and Gerri are such great card makers!! I always look forward to getting them!! Now...to me, from Sue...(this is just sooooo adorable!!! Great coloring too!!) To me, from Gerri...(love it!!) This is from a friend of mine that always remembers my birthday even though we seldom get together anymore! She does a great job!! Thanks, Linda Clark!! And last...but never least, thanks to Claire Easson. She does an amazing job "coloring"! Getting these great cards makes having a birthday worth while! Can I have a birthday every month??? heehee


  1. Love your cards.
    Sorry I missed your birthday.
    Will have to send out some Random Happiness instead.
    Take Care and Let's hope it warms up soon here in WI.

    1. Hi Mary!! No worries on missing my birthday. Most of the world did too! lol I'm glad you like the cards. I have some very talented friends! At least today was a nice day here...for a change! haha!