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I love living just blocks from the beautiful shores of Lake Michigan, in WI. I am a wife to Greg(for 40 yrs in 2012), mother to Heather and Amber (love my girls), daughter to Marion (deceased in 2012 at 88 y/o, lived a life glorifying the Lord), sister to Paul and Samantha, aunt to Paula, Shelley (and fam) and Jeremy (and fam), owner of Whisper (the cat) and most of all...a child of God, saved by grace through Christ Jesus. Life is a gift! Eternal life, a BLESSING!!!

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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Birthday Cards

Cards from Sue Chaney!! One for Greg and one for ME!! Thanks, Susy Q!! I always LOVE LOVE LOVE your cards!!

Greg's card from Gerri Morgan! Love it! Sorry about the lousy "crop" job. I have your card on display and took photo from there. :-) Lot of detail in the card and it is great...AND, if I got one from Miss Gerri I can't find it and don't remember it....hmmmmm. I'll have to talk with her. hahaha

These GORGEOUS cards are from a dear friend, Patti Raine, who is a photographer...OBVIOUSLY...Her work is fabulous!!! Her work can be found at Fine Art America.

And...Miss Bird Lady...I LOVED having you, Ethan, and Ron over the other day and really LOVE the card you gave me!! It does make me SMILE!! hehe Thanks!!

Thanks everyone! You made my day very special, but you all do that for me every day!! Hugs and love!!! AND if I round up any others I've forgotten to post I will be sure to post them when they are found. lol

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