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I love living just blocks from the beautiful shores of Lake Michigan, in WI. I am a wife to Greg(for 40 yrs in 2012), mother to Heather and Amber (love my girls), daughter to Marion (deceased in 2012 at 88 y/o, lived a life glorifying the Lord), sister to Paul and Samantha, aunt to Paula, Shelley (and fam) and Jeremy (and fam), owner of Whisper (the cat) and most of all...a child of God, saved by grace through Christ Jesus. Life is a gift! Eternal life, a BLESSING!!!

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Thursday, April 5, 2012


Here's another great card from Sue Chaney!!  I love her style and creativity.  This is awesome!!

And, speaking of Sue...I've been dog sitting her baby, Bear all this week and totally LOVE him!!  If I EVER get a dog again it will have to be just like Bear.  He is the sweetest and best behaved dog I've ever been around...hmmm...maybe Sue will forget him???  HA!  Doubt it.  She gave me THREE pages of "Doggie Dos and Don't".  lol  He's been a honey...

Yes, he even shares his bed with Whisper...what a good dog. :-)


  1. Think Bear might be to strong of a name - Pooh looks more fitting. As in soft and cuddly Winnie the Pooh :P 2nd photo is especially nice - frame worthy I think.

    Sue, great card as always! Love the white spaces...card looks like a framed wall hanging.

  2. Great dog - we are dog sitting too - Tess is becoming part of the furniture though - she has been here since early October. Mum would love her back but needs to get walking and confident first. Bear looks far more laid back than Tess!
    Interesting card too. Like the soft colours and white space.

  3. Hi Pam, I've enjoyed visiting and I think Bear is absolutely precious!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Carole! Bear is precious and I'm glad I'm able to watch him when possible. I still miss him. sniff!!! Stop by and peek in anytime!!