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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Challenge Post For Sue Chaney!!

Since Sue doesn't have her own blog, she asked me to post this adorable card for her. She does make some of the best cards and this one is just perfect for the 
My incentive to post this for Sue was, according to her, "If I win, I promise to make my own blog, so you no longer have to do such things for me."  hehe...GOOD LUCK, SUE!!!! 

Here's what inspired Sue...

Here is the finished card! 

If you've never shopped at Unity Stamp Co. you don't know what you're missing!!


  1. Her card is super fun - love the images but that sentiment is fantastic and sooooo true. Hope she gets her own blog - she needs to!!!! Hugz

  2. Dear Sue,
    Great card! Fun and cheerful colours and I love this Unity stamp!

    Dear Pam,
    You are such a sweet friend for posting on Sue's behalf!
    Shanna :)

  3. Sue, you really should have your own blog! Pam, trusting you will relay my vote on the matter :)

  4. What a fun little card--love all the details. One of my favorite sets, too.

  5. This is so fun. Love this itty bitty stamp.

  6. Ha, ha. What a fun card. Love the sentiment and the polka dot border down the side.